Limited Spaces

Limited Spaces are available !! Cockapoos need more than a traditional dog walker. They need the Cockapoo Adventure Specialist. 

Luxury Treats

Why go to the bother of making your own treats? Unfortunately, there’s a load of very unhealthy treats out the for dogs/pets. There are minimal regulations within the pet food industry. With Cancer-causing ingredients. preservatives, fillers and chemicals.
The treats I make for the dogs are human-grade 100% high-quality lean Beef or Turkey. These are the treats I use through the adventures. The treat are also available to buy but only to my Cockapoo Adventure Club Clients.


Very important.. Keep the Cockapoo away from the steak. Buy two steaks as after preparing the treat you will really fancy steak for dinner. 


Cube steak and remove any fat. Add good quality lean mince (nothing higher than 5% Fat). Then minced together. Start the two step 12hr air dry process.


This is the part where you have to stop the kids from eating them all. My Son loves them! Make sure you do heat checks on the meat while Air-drying.


The best part is seeing your Cockapoos face when they know you have luxury treats in your pocket. It’s also nice for the pocket to have no grease 

GPS TRacker

Included in the 80 Min Adventures. Get peace of mind with real-time location updates every 2-3 seconds. Sent to your phone though a personal app, I will send you. You can see your pooches journey and the miles covered. Time spent out walking and playing.

Activity Monitoring  Check on your dog’s activity. Keep them fit, happy and healthy


The Tracker clip to the dog’s collars and are smooth and lightweight. Your cockapoo won’t notice it. 

LIVE Tracking

Get peace of mind when you need it with real-time location updates every 2-3 seconds.

Location History

See where your dog has been, and see their journey at any time.

Cockapoo Transport & SafEty Measures

The Cockapoo Adventure Club Van has been fitted with upgraded security. Every Cockapoo has their own private crate that is also locked for additional security. I have in place a 3-minute rule for drop off and pickups. I like to make sure your pooch is comfortable while in transport them to their adventures. I am using Fresh ultra-absorbent, warm bedding on cold days and Cooling mats on Warm days. Their area also Heating and Cooling system fitted around the crates. There is always loads of fresh water available for the pooches.

The Van is fitted with a high carbon 5% tint that reduces heat inside the Van and stops people from seeing the dogs inside.

Extra care is given to new pooches to get them use to the Van and the crate. They will be eagerly jumping their crates after no time.

The Cooling mats, that use revolutionary pressure activated gel technology that pulls heat away from the dog. Prevents dehydration and overheating of the dog’s body and keeps them cool in the summer. So they have a relaxing journey.


Microfibre Noodle Pet Mat. They absorb more water and dry more quickly than regular bedding. These mats remove water and dirt from coats and protect the bed from moisture and harmful bacteria.

The Cockapoo Times

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Your Cockapoo would say “Woof Woof, yes please”.

The newsletter will also include Top Games, Scent Work (could your pooch be the next top truffle hunter!!!) Cockapoo stories you will hopefully find amusing, Top 10 nearby walks, Recall Advice, Safty tips and advice, Training Tips, Grooming Tips, Plus, much more…